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No matter how clean you keep your house, chances are that once in a while there are areas within your sanctuary that you just can’t reach. For those kinds of places, you need expert help! That is where Number 1 Cleaners come into the forefront! Whether it is your air duct that needs cleaning, or you want your carpets cleaned, we are the people for you.


Our house now smells fresh and clean!

Stu Pederson, New City, NY

The air has much less dust in it and it has helped improve our kids’ allergies.

Jackie Robinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Thanks Number 1 Cleaners for the Air Duct Cleaning and making my whole house feel new again!

Art Rancke, Jackson, NJ

Apart from these, we are also the premiers in New Jersey air duct cleaning services. We have assembled a team of experts in each of these services and can assure you that not only will the services be completed with absolute professionalism, but also in a timely manner. Ours is also the leading company that offers tile & grout cleaning services in New Jersey (NJ). Before we initiate any of the services, we make sure that we conduct a thorough investigation. Post this, we inform you, if there is the need for any additional processes to ensure that your home or work space is absolutely clean.

Please feel free to browse our website, and look through the details of the various services we offer. We have also explained most of our processes in detail, so that you are aware of what our technicians will be doing, in order to make your living or working environment absolutely clean.

And once you have ascertained that we are the people for you, feel free to get in touch with us, via phone or by contacting us on our website. We will also offer you a free quote!

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